Translating Graphic Jokes

ProblemataPadilla García, X. A. and E. Gironzetti. 2012b. “Translating Graphic Jokes.” In Muñoz-Basols, J., C. Fouto, L. Soler Gonzalez, and T. Fisher (Coords.), The Limits of Literary Translation: Expanding Frontiers in Iberian Languages (176–188). Kassel: Reichenberger.

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This essay shows how the pragmatic analysis of humor in graphic jokes can provide the translator with more widely applicable criteria and tools for rendering different humorous situations. Considering the translator as an intercultural mediator, our reflections about how graphic humor operates can help improve some aspects of the translation of humor. These reflections are organized around a specific case: the translation from Spanish into Italian of a graphic joke by the Spanish artist Pepe Farruqo
that features the Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. We will show different results obtained in the target text (the Italian translation) which depend on whether or not the translator followed a pragmatic approach to rendering humor.

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