I am currently involved in several teaching and research project. Click on the links to learn more.

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Spanish Heritage Language Research Center

As part of our research and teaching program, we organize two free professional development events per year for teachers and researchers.

HispanicLinguisticsPortal de lingüística hispánica 

Free-access web portal that offers a wide variety of resources for teachers and students, including readings, prompts, and ideas for class and research projects, a bilingual glossary (Spanish/English) of key terms, exercises and activities, and links to active research groups.

soundwaveEl habla con significado emocional y expresivo: análisis fonopragmático y aplicaciones

This research project aims at developing a detailed description of Spanish prosody in speech and emotion in speech, and then apply the findings to Spanish language teaching. 


Online and Hybrid Second Language Learning

This study investigates online and hybrid undergraduate courses in languages other than English offered at UMD and Big10 universities. Our goal is to identify best practices leading to increased enrollments, engagement and satisfaction in the humanities, and develop recommendations for preparing students and instructors for a globalized and diverse world. The first publication based on this project can be read here.

Funded by the Fearless Teaching Research Seed Grant, University of Maryland 2018-2019.